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And where
Do I find myself
But on the ground
Amidst dried leaves,
Dead leaves
Broken branches
On parched
And arid earth
Yet to be tilled
Sown with life
And watered

Hunger and thirst
Couple and heighten
The gnawing pangs
Of years of dryness
Of nothingness
Of life
Without life
Of life
That does not
Breed life

Getting up
Out and about

Feeling, filling

And tilling
The ground
Would take time
Some time
But I have to
I should
And must

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Writer: Labyrinth
Place / Date Written: Quezon City, August 2006
Photos: sweetverni
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The door was ajar
In expectation
Of a presence
-- His coming

There was no strong wind
Nor a cold breeze
It was just another day
Coming to an end
With a borrowed light
From the crimsoned skies
And from a flickering candle
In a corner

There she was
Seated, composed,
And waiting
Her hands
Were clasped together
In prayer
In excitement

No puff of smoke
No movement
No sound
And there He was
Before her

She beamed
She cried
Before a loved face
No longer swollen
And bloody
But one glowing with love,
Understanding, mercy
Her Son in the flesh

He is alive!
He is risen!
He is back!

She held His hands
His pierced hands

For ages
And wet them
With tears

Then she held
His face
For ages
Looked at His eyes
Smiled and cried
Some more

Her other hand sought
For that hole at His sides
Touched it then prayed
And again cried
This time helping herself
To an embrace
Tight and warm
And for ages

No word
Was exchanged
Just a look at each other
For ages
A smile
A nod
And everything
Was said

Writer: Labyrinth
Place/Date: Trappist Monastery/April2007

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